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European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education

Becoming a Governmental Member

To become a Governmental Member the country (normally represented by its ministry responsible for higher education) needs to submit an official application form. The Executive Board of EQAR decides on applications for membership.

The membership application form and further additional information are available for download below.

Please note the following important information when filling out the membership application form:

  • Only states that are party to the European Cultural Convention are eligible for membership.
  • The form must be signed by an official who is entitled to engage the applicant state vis-à-vis EQAR for the purpose of membership.
  • Please consult the membership fee scale and tick the correct amount.The annual membership fee is 2,704€, 5,408€, 8,113€ or 10,817€ depending on the country's category.
  • The form must be submitted by fax, regular mail (see Contact) or signed and scanned as PDF file to colin.tueck[at] Please do not send unsigned forms or any other file formats than PDF.