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European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education

I can't find my university/study programme on your website.

On the EQAR website (Register) you can find a list of QA agencies that comply substantially with the ESG. To find information about a study programme (or university) you will have to access the website of the QA agency that reviewed that study programme. On the Register there are direct links to the websites of all admitted QA agencies and reports and decisions published by the agencies.

What does it mean if I can't find a QA agency on your Register?

Application for inclusion on the Register is voluntary. Therefore, the fact that an agency is not included on the Register does not as such constitute any prejudice concerning the quality of its work, its credibility or legitimacy.
There might be several possible reasons for this:

  1. The QA agency that you are trying to find may not (yet) have applied for inclusion with EQAR;
  2. The agency may have applied and its application is currently considered by EQAR;
  3. The agency may have applied but been rejected by EQAR;
  4. The agency may have been rejected but is in the middle of the appeal process;
  5. The agency may have applied but withdrawn its application.

For reasons of confidentiality and fairness we cannot disclose or speculate about which of the reasons might apply to the agency in question. You may of course contact the agency itself in order to find out why they are not registered. It will be at the agency’s discretion what information to provide.

Why are there no agencies from country X on the Register?

For reasons of confidentiality and fairness, EQAR does not discuss or speculate about the reasons for agencies from particular countries not being included on the Register (yet). See also question 2 for various possible reasons.

Can only European agencies be included on the Register?

No, also non-European QA agencies can apply. They will, however, have to demonstrate that they operate in substantial compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG).

Can our organisation become associate member of EQAR?

No, EQAR does not have associate, affiliate or similar membership status. Membership of the EQAR association is open to governments and stakeholder organisations represented in the official Bologna Process structures. Inclusion on the Register is open to quality assurance agencies for higher education.

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