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European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education


There are two fees for applicants and registered agencies: a one-time application fee and an annual listing fee.

After submission of the complete application (submission of review documents) you will receive an invoice for the application fee. The application fee is not refundable (see the FAQ for further details).

If the application is approved, the annual listing fee must be paid for each year of inclusion on the register. Agencies will receive an invoice for each calendar year (for the first time a few weeks after their inclusion, then in the beginning of each year), requesting payment of the listing fee for full months included on the register in the respective year.

For instance, an (EHEA) agency included from 15/4/2013 until 31/5/2015 would receive the following invoices (excl. VAT):

  • 2013: 8 full months (May – December) – 688,00 €
  • 2014: full year – 1.032,00 €
  • 2015: 5 full months (January – May) – 430,00 €

Applicants that have their registered office in a state party to the European Cultural Convention will be charged a reduced “EHEA” fee. All other applicants will be charged the “Full” fee.

The following fees apply as of 1 January 2013:

EHEA Fee Full Fee
ex. VAT incl. VAT ex. VAT incl. VAT
application fee 1 032,00 € 1 248,72 € 2 064,00 € 2 497,44 €  
monthly listing fee 86,00 € 104,06 € 172,00 € 208,12 €